Road to Debian Buster (10)

In a week’s time (2019-07-06), Debian Buster is due to release! Here are some of the things I’ve helped with / worked on this time around:

  • Variety, a wallpaper downloader and manager for Linux, releases with version 0.7.1 in Buster. In this cycle, we ported the app to Python 3 and added support for several desktops including KDE Plasma 5, TDE, Moksha, i3, and dwm.
  • With the work of a new Desktop Themes Team and others, Debian’s collection of customization continues to grow. (Italicized packages are ones I personally work on)
  • qt5ct, a Qt 5 configuration tool, releases with Buster for the first time. Much like the qtconfig tool for Qt 4, qt5ct provides easy access to appearance settings on desktops that don’t integrate with Qt natively (Xfce, Cinnamon, etc.).

Other updates I’m excited about:

  • Desktop environment updates as usual! Buster looks to include Cinnamon 3.8, GNOME 3.30, KDE Plasma 5.14, and MATE 1.20.
  • KeePassXC, a community continuation of the KeePassX password manager, debuts in Debian with the Buster release.
  • GIMP 2.10 makes its way into Buster with a revamped UI, new image rendering engine, and many other changes.
  • NodeJS 10.x will be included in Buster, restoring the /usr/bin/node path – an earlier naming conflict that caused it to use /usr/bin/nodejs has now been resolved.
  • According to recent updates, WebKitGTK will receive official security support for the Buster release. This benefits apps like Midori and GNOME Web, and adds to Debian’s security-supported browsers for stable (along with Firefox ESR and Chromium).

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