About PyLink

PyLink is an IRC services package written from scratch in Python, supporting numerous IRC daemons (IRCds) and multiple networks per instance. With an extensible plugin framework at its core, PyLink implements numerous features intended to complement existing IRC software, such as:

  • Relay: PyLink Relay offers transparent, server-side channel relaying across multiple networks. This functionality is inspired by and replaces the now-defunct Janus, which is unreliable and lacks support for modern IRCds.
  • Automode: Flexible channel access management using hostmasks and condition-based extended targets (e.g. login status, oper type, source network)
  • Changehost: Automatic vHost setting based on configured hostmasks and targets, with optional freenode-esque vHost enforcement.

Interested? Check out the live demo on IRC or visit the source repository for installation instructions.