What’s new in PyLink: July 2, 2017

What’s happening

First and foremost, cleanup work is well underway for the next release of PyLink (2.0): see issues #475, #454, #476 as specific examples. New features as mentioned in the previous post (restart command, per-network configs for relay) will likely follow suit in the devel branch as cleanup finishes up.

What to expect next

Two major things will likely arrive in the next couple of days:

  1. PyLink 1.2: the 1.2.x series will be branched off and frozen early, with all remaining new features rescheduled for 2.0 or 2.1. My rationale for this is that given the amount of invasive cleanup being done, it is much easier to write new code than to write it first and then port it across an API break. With this said, the 1.2 release will likely be the last feature release in the 1.x line.
    • PyLink 1.2.x will stay in two branches: beta (newly created!) and devel during its (probably short) beta cycle, before being merged into master in time for its RC (release candidate).
  2. PyLink 2.0-dev: The next development release of PyLink will jump straight to 2.0, as the large amount of cleanup work staged so far have made keeping API compatibility more work than worthwhile. The good news is that existing config files will still be compatible, as I will hold off on removing deprecated config bits like the bot: block until 3.x.
    • After the 1.2 release, the work staged so far for 2.0 will merge into devel and undergo active development. This means that the devel branch will become unstable and breakage prone! Users depending on 1.2 features are encouraged to move over to the beta branch, to minimize potential disruption to their networks.
    • The final list of new features for 2.0 is not set yet, but you can find the to-do list so far here.

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